Property Services
Deeper analytics, broader market access, pre-underwriting and unique business structure will improve risk identification, maximize protection and drive down costs.

Simply stated, we just do it better.

Catastrophe modeling. Negotiating with the markets and placing coverage. Assessing and understanding risk. Everyone claims to do it and most probably will – at least to some extent. But that’s not the question or the answer. The question is which broker has the experience, the resources, the relationships, the approach and the people to truly drive results for you. And the answer is WTIS.

Our proven process for modeling and analytics, our unique approach to assessing and understanding risk and our approach to the marketplace allow us to offer our retail partners “best in class” programs producing results that are a clear cut above industry norms.

Pre-underwriting is a critical step in this process. In order to secure the best possible terms and pricing in the marketplace, we must first know more than the underwriters themselves – and present and leverage this knowledge for the benefit of your insureds.

By comprehensive application of analytics through PML analyses, mapping of high hazard risks and the aggregation of values and claims data, we develop a specific, detailed risk profile for your each insured. Against this risk profile we can then overlay your insured’s appetite for risk – to design the optimum program structure and deliver the strongest solutions.

WTIS Property is unique in an industry that typically has clear demarcation between wholesale and retail brokerage. Led by Kenyon Hall, WTIS offers you broader access to the property insurance marketplace – and a team who know how to maximize the value of this access.

  • Retail & wholesale experience, providing a unique perspective and decided advantage. We can not only place the business, but work alongside you to develop strategies based on our experience.
  • 100% transparency. We want our retailers to know their E&S underwriters and be as active in the negotiation as they wish.
  • A team that works for you, not the markets, our interests are aligned. We jointly design a program that is best for your insured.
  • Broad market access, domestically and internationally.
  • Proficiency with policy forms, including our own manuscript, excess follow forms and excess DIC follow forms.
  • Added service: unlike other wholesalers, we check each binder and policy for accuracy.

Our risk profiles typically contain a catastrophic component including:

  • High Risk Earth Movement
  • Target Class Terrorism
  • Tier One Wind
  • High Risk Flood
  • Large and/or Frequent Property Losses

Catastrophe modeling services

To manage these exposures, WTIS offers catastrophe modeling services a cut above the rest of our industry, honed by years of experience.

Just “running the numbers” is not enough; you need experienced professionals who can make certain the information going into the system is complete and current – people who can accurately assess and interpret the results, explaining what it all means and why it is important.

Experience and expertise

Bruce Norris, a Certified Catastrophe Modeler (CCM), manages the catastrophe modeling services discipline for the WTIS Property team and is a recognized leader in the insurance industry for his knowledge of catastrophe modeling. For over 20 years Bruce has worked with the three major modeling software programs (AIR, EQE, and RMS) and thoroughly understands both the strengths and the limitations of each platform.

Using this expertise WTIS quantifies each insured’s unique exposures to earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist acts and severe winter storms (tornado, hail, etc.), providing meaningful and understandable catastrophe modeling results, along with the advice needed to make informed, educated decisions on effectively managing your insured’s risk.

WTIS can also:

  • Map exposures, providing a visual depiction of the risk
  • Identify flood zones for properties
  • Provide risk profiles for individual locations
  • Use model results and our knowledge of what they mean to create some of the industry’s most unique and accurate premium allocation models that are fair and supportable
  • Compare results to current market conditions and evaluate the pros and cons of different limit and deductible picks

While we cannot predict or forecast the next natural disaster or catastrophe, we can help you to fully understand the implications of these risks and prepare to manage them. WTIS Property – we just do it better.


In December, WTIS’s legal name is changing to Jencap Specialty Insurance Services Inc. (with a new FEIN). Click here for more information on our exciting rebrand!